Historic Race Engines

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We are used to undertaking engine performance enhancements, ranging from those which are discrete and don’t alter the appearance of the vehicle, all the way up to one off fully blue-printed race series and historic competition engines.

We work closely with our customers to define their requirements and then provide advice on the range of options available to achieve that level of performance.

Historic Race Engines
Techniques we use to enhance engine performance range from simple porting and polishing, through to major machining and modification work incorporating lightened components and stringently balanced assemblies.

Examples of some of the work and services we offer in addition to our engine machining and rebuilding: Grind valve stems to suit guides, individually balance pistons and con rods, end to end balance con rods then balance pistons and con-rods together, supply forged aluminium pistons, steel con-rods both H and I beam, supply ARP big end and main bearing bolts, dynamic balancing pistons, con-rods, crankshaft and flywheel. Porting and polishing, port enlarging according to customer specification. Lightening flywheels and cranks, knife edging.

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