Casting Repair

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Cracked, worn, corroded or damaged components are a common problem, but assume a particular importance where either ‘matching numbers’ levels of originality are required or where replacement components simply can’t be obtained.

As well as offering traditional casting and component repair techniques such as metal stitching and resin impregnation, we also operate one of the few “Cold Spray’ systems available to the vehicle restoration sector in the UK.

This unique new technology allows us to restore damaged and corroded engine castings and components which otherwise simply could not have been repaired using traditional methods.

The process allows the engine component repair to be undertaken without stress inducing and heat related distortion effects associated with traditional ‘hot’ welding. Saving subsequent machining operations and reducing engine component failure rates. Our ‘Cold Spray’ system virtually erradicates the impurities, and therefore the potential short term failure introduced by traditional casting repair methods.

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