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Centrally based in the UK, we are a specialist engineering company with full in-house machining and test facilities. We take immense pride and pleasure in restoring and rebuilding vintage, veteran, classic and competition engines used in planes, trains, boats, automobiles and motorcycles. We are the silent force behind many well known vehicle restorers and are renown for our old school expertise, in-depth knowledge, attention to detail, great customer care and support long after your engine has left our safe keeping.

Engine Rebuilds

We offer Car, Motorcycle, Boat and the occasional Aero Engine Rebuild & total restoration of all engines. We can also undertake performance enhancement work as part of an engine rebuild. We can resurrect some engine parts previously deemed un-serviceable thus keeping your pride and joy on the road.

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Our Services

Alloy Welding & Repair
Balancing Components or Full Assemblies
Boring and Stroking
Broken stud/bolt removal
Bespoke parts manufacture/supply
Carburettor Overhaul
Component Manufacture and Restoration
Con Rod Resizing
Crack & Flaw Testing
Crankshaft Grinding (to centre)
Crankshaft Micropolishing
Crankshaft offset grinding/stroking
Crankshaft knife edging
Crankshaft repair sleeves machining/fitting
Camshaft Polishing
Camshaft Reprofiling
Crankshaft Re-Chroming
Cylinder block pressure testing
Cylinder block reboring
Cylinder block offset boring
Cylinder block liner fitting
Cylinder block refacing
Cylinder block line boring
Cylinder block line honing
Cylinder block bore honing
Cylinder block plateu honing
Conrod straightness check
Conrod twist check
Conrod big end bolts fitted
Conrod re-sizing
Conrod big end honing
Conrod small end replacement/honing
Cylinder Head Reface
Compression ratio calculation
Cylinder head pressure test
Cylinder head guide replacement/sizing
Cylinder head K-Line bronze guide liner fitting
Cylinder head valve recut
Cylinder head valve seat recut
Cylinder head valve seat recut 3 angle
Cylinder head porting/polishing
Cylinder head unleaded conversion
Cylinder head tappet shims resetting
Cold Spray
Engine Building – Full Engine
Engine dry builds
Engine Building – Short Engine
Flywheel & Brake Disc Grinding
Flywheel refacing
Flywheel lightening
Flywheel dowel removal
Flywheel ring gear replacement
Helicoils fitted
Honing & Polishing
High Performance Components
Laser Welding
Lightening Components
Line Boring – Blocks & Cylinder Heads
Liner Fitting & Supply
Mig welding (steel)
Machining – Milling, Lathe, Drilling, Grinding
Millers Oil Retailer
Anti corrosion acid dip & pressure wash treatment
Parts Supply
Pressure Testing
Performance and Special Gearboxes
Porting & Polishing
Resinous vacuum treatment
Re-facing / Skimming
Replacement Engines & Cylinder Heads
Thread Repair – Spark Erosion / Helicoil
Timeserts fitted
Tig Welding (aluminium, stainless, cast iron)
Unleaded Conversions
Valve Seat Replacement
Valve-piston clearance check
Valves, Seats & Guides
White Metal Services, Casting, Machining, Finishing

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We are “old school” engineers equipped with the right tools and machines. We are all about the engine, restoring the purr and unleashing the growl.

We’re not just mechanics, we’re craftsmen, enthusiasts and problem solvers. We love our Classic and Heritage vehicles and with our wealth of experience know how to take care of your pride and joy.

There is nothing more satisfying than the contented purr and growl of a perfectly restored engine. We often get a similar response from the owners!

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Chase Engines now own the Bridge Cylinder Heads brand and the website www.cylinderheads.co.uk supplying remanufactured and new-built modern Cylinder Heads, Engines, Turbochargers and Gearboxes.